* Horn Orchesta of Russia

Horn orchestra

In August 2006 Sergey Polyanichko supported by the musicians of St. Petersburg organized «The Horn Orchestra of Russia». The band dedicatedly and successfully revives the traditions of horn music performance, the music which has never had a counterpart in the world. Today the Orchestra possesses 74 instruments with the range of 4 octaves, which are unique because of their form and sound. All instruments were handmade by the skilled master and musician Vladimir Goloveshko. Methods of hard firing and brass alloy – was his “secret sealed with seven seals”. The sound of each horn depends on the thickness and form of each instrument. Improved mouthpieces made it possible to produce very pure sounds and vary the pitch of A-tuning in the range from 430 to 442 Hz. The Orchestra consists of 20 musicians; they are students and graduates of Saint-Petersburg Conservatory, laureates of Russian and International Competitions, artists of symphony orchestras and musical theaters of St. Petersburg. The Orchestra’s repertoire is multifarious and incessantly expanding. Reviving the traditions of horn music and trying to add a new chapter to its history, the band plays pieces of modern composers as well as the works of old masters. At times the musicians use creatively different arrangements and approaches in the realization of ambitious and innovative ideas. Due to their enthusiasm and devotion to music as well as their experimental challenges, The Horn Orchestra of Russia, has in a short period of time, earned deep respect amongst professional musicians, historians, art and musical critics as well as from its audience. The Horn Orchestra of Russia is supported by Artemy Skripkin, the protoiereus of St. Peter and St Paul’s Church at Herzen State Pedagogical University, who also consecrated the instruments and blessed the musicians for the revival of Horn Music. The band’s activities are widely covered by the media.

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J.S. Bach "Aria"
G. Rossini "William Tell"
G. Caccini "Ave Maria"
J. Brams "Hungarian dance №5"
M. Ravel "Bolero"
T. Albinoni "Adagio"


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31 августа 2014 года - Алматы, Казахстан

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Serge Polyanichko

Originally studying under professor Vitaly Buyanovsky, Serge Polyanichko began training on the French horn at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory’s School for Gifted Children.

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Vladimir Goloveshko

He was passionate about music since childhood. When he was seven years of age, he started playing the accordion.

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